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Are you looking for a high performing long-life automotive battery?

Then Solite is your perfect solution; join millions of customers across the world with years of testimony to the reliability and efficiency of SOLITE batteries. Due to their superior quality, Solite Batteries have been for years the most preferred by multinational car producers such as Hyundai and KIA motors. The car manufacturers prefer the batteries due to their surety on engine performance and a long-tested history of durability in their auto motives. They are made of internal rust-free calcium metal, which guards the battery against excess heat and extreme temperature changes. They are also easy to maintain compared to other batteries since they need no further refilling of the electrolytic solution after purchase. Once you buy the product, then you are guaranteed years of constant use. It saves you from unanticipated break downs and costs incurred when refilling an expired electrolytic solution. In this era of artificial intelligence, this is why you have to choose the Solite batteries;

Stable Engine Operation:
Stable Engine Operation

You are well assured of a steady engine performance ever; the battery has been customized with super polymer, lower resistance separator, and a COS built-in casting terminal. The expanded calcium metal increases its volume capacity as it can accommodate more solutions than before. The new developments have increased the product life span while at the same time improving its charging and discharging capacity, therefore, providing a guaranteed efficiency in the functionality of your automotive engine.

Maintenance Free
Built-in indicator
Easy-carry handle


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